Figure 5.

Mean (SEM) intake of fluid in grams in 2 days per pair of rats during 16 days of treatment for rats ingesting corticosterone dissolved in 2.5% ethanol (CORT-ETOH), 2.5% ethanol (ETOH), or water (WATER) as adolescents (a) or as adults (b). (c) Shows the dose of ethanol consumed by body weight and (d) provides the dose of corticosterone consumed by body weight. Matched letters indicate significant (P < 0.05) differences between groups on a treatment day. The main effect of treatment day was significant in (b), in (c) for adolescents only, and in (d) for both adolescents and adults, although in opposite directions (all P < 0.05).

Waters and McCormick Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders 2011 1:4   doi:10.1186/2045-5380-1-4
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