Figure 1.

A. Brain regions associated with PTSD across symptom provocation and cognitive-emotional tasks in the whole-brain voxel-wise analysis.B. Bilateral amygdala activity is observed after including symptom provocation and cognitive-emotional ROI studies to the whole-brain voxel-wise results. Areas of hyperactivation in PTSD (PTSD > Control) are shown in yellow and areas of hypoactivation in PTSD (Control > PTSD) are shown in blue. Amy = amygdala, IFG = inferior frontal gyrus, L = left, midACC = mid anterior cingulate cortex, R = right, vmPFC = ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

Hayes et al. Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders 2012 2:9   doi:10.1186/2045-5380-2-9
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